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Zoid Workshop

Ceramist in Montpellier

A jewelry designer for around thirty years, Vanina Chiarelli has explored many materials, plexi, metal, felt, resin, feather, aluminum etc…

Her encounter with porcelain was love at first sight: first of all for jewelry: very robust once fired, it can be worked very finely and goes so well with the finesse of embroidery on organza.

She also adores it alone...mounted on silver it expresses all its delicacy.

Soft and sensual, it also led her to broaden her gesture by creating small decorative objects and then tableware.

Porcelain fired at 1270°. Sometimes mass-tinted gray or black.

The jewelry findings are in 92.5 silver or gold-plated silver.

The dishes are glazed on the inside for easier maintenance. The exterior is left raw to keep the brightness of the porcelain biscuit and but sanded; then polished with a diamond sponge, for the softness of its skin. Dishwasher and microwave safe

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